Our Reviews

What’s the deal with our reviews?

It’s simple…

If you’re looking for information on some piece of Internet or video marketing software / publication / strategy / tool, you’re very likely to surf over to your favorite search engine, enter the name of that tool plus the word “review”, and click the “Search” button.

I’ve done this myself many times.

This is done in hope that someone is actually going to do more than regurgitate the product’s advertised benefits in a blatant attempt to earn a commission, and tell you – wrinkles and all – what you can really expect from your purchase.

This rarely happens.

Most people discussing products online are affiliates (they earn a commission on referred sales) who are under the misguided impression that it is not in their best interest to do anything but wax lyrical about any of the products they discuss for fear of scaring off a potential sale. This is not the case: few products are perfect, and clearly illustrating the pros and cons demonstrates both your intimate knowledge of the product, and your commitment to your visitor.

Of course, scant few affiliates actually own the products they are discussing or have any “hands on” experience with them. And an even saller amount have enough real business experience online to assess the true value offered by most products or services.

So you’re pretty much on your own.

Not anymore.

With any of the “review” posts on No BS Marketing, I buy the product in question, experiment with it, and report back to you. I’ve been doing business online for over 10 years, have several successful businesses, and have worked for one of the most respected names in the Net-Marketing field (see more about me).

In other words, I am no newbie to this industry. I know this business, and I can cut through marketing nonsense faster than a hot knife through butter and deliver the real bottom line to you.

What’s in it for me?

A few things…

  1. I’m still very much active online, so many of the tools / strategies / publications I plan on using and reviewing have a practical application for my own businesses. In other words, I’m really hoping I can use them to leverage my own online presence.
  2. I get to indulge my passion for Internet  Marketing. True, maintaining a successful online business is “hands on” Net Marketing. But I’ve always loved playing with new tools and strategies, and learning new things in the field. Here, I get to do indulge that part of things.
  3. Hopefully (if you found my reviews helpful, honest and forthright) you’ll purchase the product in question through my affiliate link. Now there’s a refreshing dose of honesty… yes, I do hope to earn some commissions here too. Commission income will offset the cost of other products I can purchase and then report to you on. Plus, there’s nothing unethical about earning commissions, provided recommendations are always made in the best interest of you, the visitor. And of course, the product doesn’t cost you a penny more!

So relax, sit back. and enjoy our product reviews!

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