Link Building Strategies: How To Find Theme Related Blogs

A short while back, I talked about how posting comments on quality, related blogs can be a great link building strategy if implemented properly (regardless of the “no follow” status of any blog).

Naturally, the most obvious next element of this discussion is…

How do I find superior quality, theme-related blogs?

Actually, you really don’t need to find that many great blogs.

If you can find one or two, chances are the webmasters of those sites have done a lot of your legwork for you; just check their blogrolls to see who they link to. True quality sites will only link to other sites of equal quality. If you can find just one great blog and check out the sites it links to, and the sites those sites link to, chances are you’ll have found all the blogs you’ll ever need.

So let’s get to work unearthing that first blog “gem” shall we? Here’s some strategies you can implement…

1) Perform searches at popular directories: Perform keyword searches at blog directories like…

2) Use software applications: Yep, there are software applications that will do the hard digging for you. I’ve used the full version of Paul Forcey’s Comment Hut (you can download a free trial version here!). It’s a pretty cool tool, but I can’t say I’d buy it again, especially since Neil Shearing’s Real Link Finder is very similar and is available for free.

3) Perform niche related keyword searches at Google: Try searching for your top niche related keywords and try adding “+ WordPress” or “+ type pad” or even “+ blog” to your search.

4) Use Google Blog Search: Who knew? Google has a blog search tool, too!

4) Check your log files: External linking to quality resources is an important part of the “blogosphere.” It may be that your site is being linked to by a prospective partner without your knowledge.

5) Check with your affiliate partners: Many successful marketers and retailers maintain a blog. It may be that there are several good ones published by marketers within your niche.

6) Check your competitors and well-known authorities within your niche: Do they have a blog? Who are they linking to?

7) Use Bloglines: Bloglines is an aggregator of syndicated feeds. Since most blogs publish an RSS feed automatically, it’s a good place to go searching for quality resources.

Once you’ve compiled a list of quality blogs, be sure to add each one’s feed to your RSS software so you can be updated of new posts (I recommend the free FeedReader). Next, follow the guidelines outlined in this article to make sure you craft great quality, related posts that are sure to be approved by each site’s moderators.

Take your time… depending on your niche, it may take a little digging to find an exceptional blog or two, but once you do, it’s clear sailing. Good luck!


  1. I use the niche related keywords and google blog search to find my theme related blogs. It works like a charm. However some of the blog are very restrictive right of the bat. Your comments will be rejected most of the time but dont give up. Keep it going. It takes years to build proper links.

  2. Thanks for the post on how to find related blogs. I was looking for something like this and then came across your post. I use technorati a lot. I will be trying out google blog search after reading your post now. THanks again.

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