I Buy, Try And Review: Niche Profit Classroom Course

I first got wind of Niche Profit Classroom from Allan Gardyne’s newsletter (Allan is the affiliate guru from AssociatePrograms.com). His is one of the few Internet Marketing newsletters I still read on a regular basis, so when he mentioned Niche Profit Classroom in a recent edition, I thought I’d have a closer look (what can I say, I’m a sucker for punishment!).

I plunked down my credit card, and signed up for the “basic” version of the program, which costs $67/month.

So what is Niche Profit Classroom, exactly?

Well, it’s the brainchild of Adam Short, and basically it’s a complete system he developed to enable you to build small, profitable niche businesses from scratch. In this case, your small niche business will consist of…

  • A squeeze page, designed to obtain the e-mail address of your visitor in exchange for a free report.
  • A sales page designed to sell the e-book you will have created in this niche.
  • 10 or so keyword focused content pages (KFCPs) that will drive traffic from the Search Engines and PREsell your offering.
  • Up to another 10 keyword-focused articles which will be submitted to article directories for in-pointing links and additional traffic.
  • A download page for your customers to obtain their purchase.

And that`s it.

However, if you visit the Niche Profit Classroom at the time of this writing, you’ll be able to watch a short video of Adam, who early on asks the viewer, “what if almost all the conceptions you have right now about building a profitable web site were totally false?”

Nothing against Adam, but this is complete nonsense. It`s marketing, plain and simple.  There is absolutely nothing new about what Adam is doing – it`s been done for years by savvy net-marketers. The only way his system will challenge your conception of the way things are done online is if you have ZERO experience in the Net marketing field.

The difference is, he has developed a system so YOU can do it.

With that said, let`s get down to the nitty gritty. How good is the system, and just what exactly is included in your purchase? Let’s login and have a look…


As you can see, the back end of Niche Profit Classroom is pretty impressive looking, but we can distill everything here into…

1) Help & Instruction: One thing you cannot complain about at NPC, and that’s a lack of instruction. There’s a TON of it, all provided in video format. Each major section of the niche site building process is identified and then broken down into a series of videos.


As you can see here there are 8 sections: An Overview, Market Selection, Domains & Hosting, Website Content, List Building, Website Launch, Traffic Generation and Looking Forward. Obviously, each of these topics covers a pretty wide range of material; so these are general headings at best. For example, the section I have highlighted here, “Market Selection” consists of 28 videos, broken down into…

  • Introductory material (market psychology, market factors, install SEO Quake into FireFox)
  • Introduction to keyword research
  • MoneyWord Matrix keyword research
  • Expanding your keyword set Prt I
  • Expanding your keyword set Prt II
  • Accelerated Market Research
  • Introduction to the Market Profiler
  • Market Profiler Research (Amazon, ClickBank, forums, Adwords, etc)

Given that the help has to assume you have absolutely ZERO experience with the fundamentals of building an Internet business, you can just imagine how much material is presented here. Literally, it starts pretty much at the `this is a keyword` stage. And while tons of instructional material is certainly a good thing, it was the help, the sheer volume of it, and the format in which it was presented that frustrated me SO much in the end. Let me explain…

First, I do agree that using `video lessons` to educate your customer is a good idea… when they are presented as an adjunct to PDF files. With Niche Profit Classroom, there is only video instruction – there are no printable PDF files to be found (at the time of this writing, anyway). Since you can`t quickly skim a help file to see what you`re up to speed on and what you are not, you are forced  to watch all videos to ensure you don`t miss some piece of vital `specific to this tool` information. For experienced marketers like myself, it is hair-pullingly frustrating.

Next, the sheer volume of material means you need LARGE blocks of time to make it through any section of the Classroom uninterrupted. If you happen to have a family and a job, this can be a problem. For instance, I asked my girlfriend to proceed through the process to see if she would like to give it a try. She works long hours and only has a couple of days off in a two week period. Despite allotting generous amounts of time to the videos on days off and the few evenings a week when she did not return from work exhausted, it took her weeks to get through the Classroom.

I didn`t fare much better; with two growing, successful online business, an offline business and occasional consulting, huge blocks of time are an issue for me too; with conflicting priorities in the way, it took me over 3 weeks to get through all the videos. Not surprisingly, by the time I completed the final section of the classroom, I had forgotten vital elements of earlier lessons. And good luck finding the stuff you want to review; with umpteen zillion videos spread over 8 sections, it`s almost impossible to find a specific detail or strategy easily.

Of course, if there were accompanying PDF help files, none of this would be a problem – it would be easy to locate forgotten critical information, and quickly review vital elements of the program. The only way around this is to keep very detailed notes as you watch the videos… and by the time I realized this would be a necessity, I was already too far into the program to bother.

Extremely, EXTREMELY frustrating.

2) Software tools:


This is where you will access the various tools essential to the NPC classroom. The first one you will be using is the Market Profiler, which runs on the NPC server. Into it, you will plug the information acquired while researching the topic or niche of your choice.

On the other hand, the MoneyWords Keyword Tool is downloaded to your desktop and will run directly from your own computer. You will use this tool to analyze the keyword data generated by the free keyword tool provided by Google.

3) Downloads:


Most of the material in the Download section requires either an upgraded membership, or an additional fee. The Niche Packs are an exception; each month you are granted access to two new and completely ready-made niche businesses (includes ebook, sales letter, graphics, mini-course, traffic blueprint, optimized articles, keyword research and a market profile).

Don’t even bother with this; I downloaded one on growing tomatoes, opened one of the articles and copied and pasted a sentence directly into Google.

The result?

Tons of sites using the same articles, templates and sales pages to sell the same e-book. How many sales do you think this will convert for you? I’ll tell you… not to darn many. The value of Niche Profit Classroom will come from developing your own products and articles and selling a distinctly unique product, not banging up the same web site as dozens (hundreds?) of other NPC members.

4) Hosting:


Yes, you can even host your mini-sites at NPC – up to 15 of them if you like. It’s a simple matter of plugging in your domain name and pressing the “Host Domain” button. This sets up your mini-site on the Word Press platform, formatted in the single-page mini-site template style used by NPC.

If you create enough mini sites, this hosting option will certainly justify the cost of membership. If you only plan to create a site or two, think twice about using this service; it may tie you into paying the $67/month fee for perhaps much longer than you’d care to (yes, I am sure you can transfer the hosting, but who knows how easy this process is?).

5) Value Addons: forum, webinars, etc.

There’s no end of things going on at Niche Profit Classroom; there’s a vibrant forum, regular education webinars, and so on. Lots going on here, if you’re looking for a community.

OK, now that we’ve had a look behind the scenes…

Let’s discuss the NPC process.

After you complete the Classroom instruction, you’re ready to start creating your own niche profit web sites. Here’s the basic process…

1) First, you must identify possible niches and determine whether or not they offer any potential for profit. To do so, you must proceed through the Market Profiler’s 7-step proces. Some of the factors involved include…

  • Number of related books on Amazon
  • Number of Amazon reviews
  • Number of direct competitors at Clickbank.
  • Number of AdWords advertisers for your topic.
  • Top 10 keywords for your root keyword
  • Number of forums in the Top 10 SE listings for your root keyword

… and so on. Once completed, the Profiler spits out a “Market Value”  which is a numerical representation of how profitable (or unprofitable) your chosen niche is. At this point you either move forward (with a profitable niche) or begin researching another one.

This, quite frankly, is the most tedious part of the Niche Profit Classroom. And it’s probably the point at which newbies will get “hung up on” the most, especially if the Market Value generated by the Profiler doesn’t indicate an absolute “winner.”

“Do I move on with this niche, or not? Is it profitable enough?”

And so on.

More on this a bit later.

2) Once you’ve determined to move forward with a particular niche, it’s time to move on to the 2nd step in the process. At this point, you’ll have your niche, and a series of “profitable” keywords (i.e., keywords that show decent demand at the Search Engines, but are not overly competitive; being targeted by too many marketers).

Now it’s time to fashion your research into a “saleable” item.

How do you do that?

By developing an outline for your e-book (that’s right, you’ll be selling an e-book) and then outsourcing the production of it, and the keyword focused content pages that correspond to the profitable keywords you discovered, to a researcher and writer. Oh, and I almost forgot; you’ll need to have a mini-course created too (you’ll be using it in your autoresponder sequence) which can be loosely based on your e-book outline.

Yes, you can write the e-book, mini-course and articles yourself if you like. This isn’t the ideal scenario, however:

  • Most people aren’t professional writers and simply don’t have the skills to create an e-book of the quality needed.
  • Should you be lucky enough to possess the necessary writing skills,  creating your own e-books and articles is incredibly time-consuming, especially if you are not an expert on the topic in question.
  • The whole idea of NPC is to leverage your time by outsourcing the creation of major time-consuming projects to overseas experts who will work for extremely competitive prices. That way, you can spend your time researching more niches and building more businesses. Your “team” does the rest.

Of course, the entire process is thoroughly documented in the video help.

3) Once your outsourced material has been completed, you’re ready to go live with a web site. And if you’re using the Niche Profit Classroom  hosting, getting your web site set up really is as easy as pressing a couple of buttons. Your WordPress-based sales template site will be created immediately – all you have to do is to plug your material into it.

If you are using your own hosting, you’ll need to ensure your host offers WordPress (most do) and upload the NPC WP plugin to the appropriate file (don’t worry, there’s full documentation on how to do all of this!)

4) Once your site is up, complete with mini-course, articles and full-fledged ebook, it’s time to put the 21-day traffic blueprint into action.

And that’s it. Now you’re ready to move on to your next Niche Profit business.

Very simply, that is the gist of the Niche Profit Classroom process.

Briefly now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of the system:


1) Extensive video documentation covers every task in complete detail so no one, no matter what their level of Net Marketing experience, can easily follow the process from start to finish.

2) The NPC series of proprietary tools combined with the applicable free resources do a decent job of identifying niches and profitable keywords.

3) Building a web site based on the NPC single-pages sales site template is dead easy.

4) This is a proven, money-making Internet-Marketing strategy.

5) Plenty of support and a vibrant community.


1) No written documentation. I detailed this issue earlier – there’s so much material here it’s almost impossible to get through it all in a timely fashion. And then, when you want to go back to review something, it’s almost impossible to find the relevant video file.

2) There’s no streamlined process for experienced marketers, something that would be addressed by PDF help files.

3) It’s not cheap; outsourcing a 75-100 page e-book and supporting articles and mini-course can cost anywhere from $400-$700. And this is a perfect example of where skimping is not a good idea; you need to sell a quality product or your refund requests will kill your business.

4) Finding the right professionals to outsource your product(s) to is not easy. In NPC, Adam outlines the system he developed to streamline the outsourcing process, as well as ensure you hire the right people the first time.

Well, I’m here to tell you that in over 10 years of doing business online, the vast majority of my outsourcing experiences have not been anything to “write home about.”  And that’s despite paying serious dollars to learn how to do so effectively!

At the end of the day, every time you hire someone you are taking a chance. Sometimes you lose your time. Sometimes you lose your money. Sometimes you lose both. Of course, if you DO find the right team, there’s no end to what you can accomplish. I’m not trying to rain on your parade here; just be prepared for some hair-pulling – this part of the process is a lot more of a problem than you might believe.

5) There’s a real danger of “paralysis by analysis” here, especially for newbies. In order to move forward with the NPC process, you have to trust your research, and the results generated by the various tools. If you don’t have a lot of experience marketing online, this might be difficult to do, especially when you are looking at a minimum $500 cash outlay to outsource the creation of your materials. If you are a marketing newbie, hesitant to drop large chunks of cash on an unproven niche, you can start by promoting related affiliated products. Although not the recommended means of leveraging NPC effectively, this way, you can “test the waters” before you make an investment.

6) The monthly fee is high: Yes, I agree: $67/month doesn’t buy you much anymore. And on the surface, NPC’s fee doesn’t seem unreasonable. However, when you compare Niche Profit Classroom against other online business building systems, it IS. SiteSell.com’s Site Build It!, for example, will set you back $30/month, and its suite of tools make NPC look like a child’s toy. Plus, you can build and monetize any sort of web site you like – meaning you don’t need to fork out big dollars for outsourcing.

So what’s the bottom line here?

The Niche Profit Classroom system is viable, but in my opinion, it is one that will be best realized as you get some experience with the research process and outsourcing of product development. In other words, the more niche profit sites you build, the better you will get – at trusting your judgment, identifying profitable topics, and outsourcing projects to credible professionals.

And, the more niche sites you have, the more likely you will be profitable. If you build a single web site and it’s a flop, you need to offset the loss of that web site by developing other profitable ones. Frankly, it’s the way of the Internet; some of your sites will generate loads of SE traffic and convert visitors into customers well. Others, not so much.

NPC is really about leveraging your time to create LOTS and LOTS of sites, each based on a solid foundation (which is the single-page squeeze page / sales letter template). That’s the power of this system.

So who is best suited to Niche Profit Classroom?

You really need two things; a willingness to work hard and some disposable income. Yes, you can use the system to promote affiliate products (which eliminates the expense of creating your own) or you can write the e-book, articles and mini-course yourself. But neither of these options is the ideal, recommended means of creating niche profit sites.

That means you’ll need to be willing and able to drop some fairly significant cash on each and every venture you approach. This is definitely NOT the business for you if you’re on a restricted budget due to a job loss or something similar.

So… is Niche Profit Classroom for you? Well, if I’ve done my job properly, you should have a pretty good idea one way or another after reading this review. If it appeals to you, maybe. If not, probably not. If you’re an Internet Marketing newbie, I’d be inclined to steer you in another direction. You’d be better off learning the ropes with a tool that does not require large injections of cash to get started.

Regardless, Adam does offer a $1 free trial. Yes, if you like the sound of this system, you can trial NPC for 14 days for a dollar.

A word to the wise though; Do not sign up for the free trial until you are sure you have a few days you can dedicate to get through it all. Otherwise, you simply will not be able to accurately evaluate the system within the 14 day period. That means you’ll have to cancel your membership prior to reviewing the system completely, or end up being charged the recurring $67 fee before you know it’s right for you.

Good luck!


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