Hiatus Over. I Hope.

It’s been almost a year since I posted here on No-BS-Marketing, which is a bit of a damn shame, since I greatly love both discussing and ranting about all aspects of IM. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a choice. Google’s various animal-based penalties and the impact they had on my businesses meant I needed to develop my own product or service, which is exactly what I did.

Owning your product or developing your own service is the only way you can really control your traffic, because you can pay for it. You can either buy it yourself, or reward others for sending it to you (via an affiliate program). Either way, it doesn’t matter one iota anymore what Google does because you’re no longer affected. If you get some free spillover traffic from the big “G”, great, if not… who cares?

Anyhow, now that the service is completed and live, I’m immersed in marketing it. And that means both online and off. Online, my biggest interest lies with FaceBook, which offers some incredible opportunities due to the fact that you can get incredibly granular with audience targeting, thus allowing you to deliver your product to those most likely to be most interested in it. I’ve learned some great stuff from Amy Porterfield, Keith Kranc from DominateWebMedia.com, and several others along the way.

It is my intention to discuss this new and exciting element of marketing as I mess around with it, and the importance of social media in general.

Talk soon,



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