Want to Make Money Online? Stay the *%@& Out Of the Warrior Forum

I have a friend who has just recently discovered the income potential which is the Internet. He’s genuinely excited – and who of us were not, when we first realized the financial opportunity offered by the Net, but had not yet been introduced to the depressing reality that despite how simple it all seems, it’s just not that easy to earn a living online (almost 99% of people fail to do so).

Of course, having discovered Internet marketing, he’s also discovered the Warrior forum, and accordingly spends endless hours there almost daily, pouring over posts and eagerly examining each WSO (Warrior Special Offer) that comes his way.

This is not a “knock” against the Warrior forum – it’s the biggest Internet Marketing forum on the net. It’s been around since 1997, and boasts almost 600,000 members. It is, without a doubt, a great resource.

One day, after listening to his questions about a certain IM related business model, I could resist it no more; “Dood,” I said, “get the *%@& out of the Warrior forum. Stop. Seriously.”


He was perplexed.

After all, the Warrior forum is chock full of genuine Internet Marketing gurus just dying to help people like him out by sharing their knowledge and expertise. What was wrong with learning from them?

There is nothing wrong, of course. But here’s the thing…

  1. I have never met a successful or savvy net marketer who is not intimately aware of what his/her time is worth. Time spent sharing knowledge in the WF has a real purpose; build relationships with people so that you can sell them your products later. It’s not a philanthropic pursuit. It’s about money. Nothing wrong with that of course, as that’s the way business is done. For successful marketers in the IM space, time spent in the Warrior Forum generates a real Return on Investment. Let’s not lose sight of that. 
  2. While it’s important, especially as a newbie, to spend some time learning the ropes before you get started trying to make money online, becoming exposed to too many conflicting opinions and business models can cause paralysis by analysis. You spend so much time agonizing over what it the best thing to do, that you waste days – even weeks – of time which could have been used constructively to build your business. 
  3. At some point, you actually have to stop reading, and starting doing. And at this point, the Warrior Forum – and every other forum online – is a time suck, a distraction and a detriment to your business.

So, please stay out of the Warrior forum. Use it as resource, like it’s meant to be used.

In my opinion, paralysis by analysis is the biggest problems newbies marketers encounter – what should I do? Who should I listen to? Who is honest and credible? Whom can I trust?

This is one of the main reasons that I recommend SiteSell.com’s Site Build It! (this is not an affiliate link, but for the sake of full disclosure I did work for the company at one time). Its “all in one place” business building solution and extensive help is everything the “greenest” newbie needs to start earning a living online.

Highly recommended. Check it out!    




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